We Need That Rite of Passage…

Posted on October 29, 2013 by David Blumenkrantz

Dougie MacLean, the wonderfully talented Scottish folk singer puts down in verse what many of us believe.

I hope you enjoy and share. As he sings: "You need that rites of passage before you can continue on...." More important today than ever. Special thanks to all who are guiding youth, through rites of passage, to adulthood and meaningful connections with all life.



Music & Lyrics by Dougie MacLean. Published by Limetree Arts and Music

Take the young ones to the desert teach them how the arrow flies.
How to smell the beast upon the wind and run with mother nature’s loving lies.
Show them how to balance what is wrong and what is right.
And make their own directions through the longest darkest night.

Oh you need that rite of passage before you can continue on.
That brave self understanding you can lean your dreams upon.
You may want for children you may crave for man and wife.
But you need that rite of passage to the summer of your life.

Show the children to the master, put the tools into their hands.
Show them how to work the grain and how to hold the ever moving sand.
Place with them the knowledge of the far and of the near.
And lead them through the waiting storms that will never ever clear.


It’s a sad deluded vision this creature of our time.
It’s body now is broken, it’s smile it rarely has the chance to shine.
It stands so high and mighty with its never ending needs.
While somewhere in the beating heart the earth it vainly pleads.


For more Information on Dougie Maclean click here.
To learn more about his album, Indigenous click here.
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