The Planetarium Initiatory Event: PIE

pie-logoPIE will nourish life in a community for raising children together. 

The goal of a Planetarium Initiatory Event – PIE is to give children a chance to understand the story of the universe in order for them to know where they have come from, help them to know who they are and give them hope that they will come to know where they are going. 

It will unite parents and children in conversations about their connection to everything that all came from the same matter born during the origin of the Universe. 

Parents are typically entering the stage of mid-life when their children are entering adolescence. A “Collision of Transitions” is inevitable. Community-oriented rites of passage were designed to decrease the potential crisis that occurs between adolescents and their parents. It was never about a generation gap. It was about the absence of rites of passage.

“I believe that it is very difficult to know who we are until we understand where and when we are. I think everyone in every culture has felt a sense of awe and wonder looking at the sky.”

Carl Sagan


Adolescent’s Adaptive Brain – Evolution's Design for Human’s Survival


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Untapped possibilities exist for the teenager’s new “Adaptive Brains” to be of service to others. When students share PIE with their parents and other adults they can be guided in making decisions to choose love & compassion over fear and hate, helping to maintain balance between opposing forces in the Universe. 

Knowing our connection with the universe is essential, especially for adolescents as they seek a vision for their life. 

Where Do We come From?  *  What Are We?  *  Where Are We Going?

PIE feeds our children’s yearning for understanding essential questions. 

People are linked together in community by common stories. PIE – offers a shared story set within the Universe as a foundation for parent – child communications. Sharing PIE helps us recognize the need for balance between competing forces in the universe. 

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The Planetarium Initiatory Event: PIE

PIE sets a context and provides guidance for students to be in conversation with their parents around the decision to choose love & compassion over fear and hate, helping to maintain balance between opposing forces in the universe.

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