Youth and Community Development through Rites of Passage

Our mission is to promote positive youth & community development that can assist children in their transition through adolescence to become healthy adults connected to their culture, nature and their communities. We accomplish this by supporting effective school and community-based strategies that foster partnerships with parents, teachers, counselors, and community leaders. Rather than a program, we promote a reciprocal process between youth and community development that includes an architectural structure. These structures include 20 interrelated elements that serve as design principles to guide the integration of education and community resources.
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Advanced acclaim for
“Coming of Age the RITE Way”

homepage-book-cover“This groundbreaking book provides profound and practical community strategies for promoting the positive development of youth.”

“Weaving exquisite tales based on 50 years of experience we now have navigational aids to guide communities in the creation of unique place-based rites of passage for their young people.”

“This book reveals the profound wisdom that highlights how focusing on our youth is focusing in on our communities. David has given us tools as a gift for ours and future generations.”

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Rites of Passage —A Unifying Story...

Coming of age within a community’s “Story” of rites of passage honors the central developmental task of adolescents – the search for one’s authentic spiritual self and deepening their connection with community, culture and nature. They are the public affirmation of an individual’s emerging adulthood. In reciprocity they strengthen the bonds between people in a community in ways that serve survival.


A New Paradigm

Our Vision

We believe that rites of passage are universal and emerge in relationship to and informed by culture, context and the natural places in which people are born and/or live.Read More >>

Our Community

You Are Not Alone. You Are Part of the Story. Rites of passage are a unifying story for renewing and strengthening community.Read More >>

The Rite Way

All you need to know you already know, and all you need is already within your community. The RITE way connects the knowledge of the people and the community.Read More >>