Initiation of Scholars©

Good students are created, not born.


Children are naturally inquisitive and predisposed to learning about the mysteries of the universe. Their natural curiosity directs them to explore and learn about things that excite them. However, academic subjects may not, in and of themselves, generate enough interest to ignite and sustain a child’s natural curiosity and thirst for learning.

The Initiation of Scholars© strategy is designed to guide children in discovering the skills and attitudes necessary to achieve academic success. It gives them the opportunity to practice these skills, and to receive the parental and educational support necessary to sustain academic achievement.

Students explore the challenges, obstacles, problems and concerns adolescents face, especially with regard to academic achievement. They dissect the role of student and study how their attitude and behavior contribute to their academic performance.

This strategy also teaches parents how to support their children in becoming scholars.

This strategy can be customized for any grade level, and is particularly valuable for 5th - 8th graders. It can be designed for inclusion into the classroom or as part of an after-school initiative. It can also be integrated into The Center’s comprehensive Rite of Passage Experience® initiative.

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