Conditions for Educating & Raising Children Through Rites of Passage Designs


The Initiation of Scholars© (IOS) - Bridging the divide between playing and learning

We teach students, not subjects. All children need to be engaged in a process of transformation in order to become students who are capable of achieving academic success. This is especially critical around the time or puberty and early adolescence. Children are naturally inquisitive and predisposed to learning about the mysteries of the universe. Their natural inquisitiveness directs them to explore and learn about things that excite them. Around the time of early adolescence their inquisitiveness turns to many other things and academic subjects may not be enough to ignite and sustain a child’s natural curiosity and thirst for learning.

 Good students are not born. They must be guided to learn and demonstrate the proper attitudes and skills that support becoming a good student. One way to become a good student is to be initiated into the role of “scholar.” The Initiation of Scholars© IOS is a central segment of the Rite Of Passage Experience. IOS is designed to systematically guide children to discover the skills and attitudes necessary to achieve academic success. It gives them the opportunity to practice these skills and receive the academic support necessary to achieve in school.

High school mentors facilitate Initiation of Scholars with Middle School Students
Center Board of Directors member Leah Beth Maille on left

Find out about promoting an educational climate where all students become scholars in a school environment of compassion and caring. TAKE ACTION for EDUCATORS.