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The Center prides itself on its record of dedication and countless hours of guidance to communities who want to build social capital and invest in nurturing their most valuable assets – the children. We are honored to be invited into the conversation with you and potentially be of service to your community. At the core of our mission and work is the co-creation of settings in which people can flourish as authentic individuals and become intimately connected with others and nature in genuine relationships. Find out more about “The Way of Relationships” and partnerships.

 In the End We Have People in Relationships and Stories

Programs don’t help people, but people in meaningful relationships do.

When stories are shared something powerful happens. Each person’s story holds threads of gold. When woven together with the threads of stories from other times, places, and cultures a new story emerges. Our role as partners and guides in community-oriented rites of passage is to share stories that illuminate the golden threads of symbols, patterns, and processes of initiation. People’s own stories of initiation are then triggered and that, in turn, ignites their creative imagination. Design principles serve as navigational aids to inform and organize new ways of thinking that lead to innovative actions.

 Click here for more of the story. You can help ensure the continuation of the RITE story in the following ways:

Create a Personal Rite of Passage

So, it is important for parents to take an active role in guiding children through their adolescence and into adulthood. One way to begin this process is to design a personalized rite of passage experience for your child. 

Go to Create a Personal Rite of Passage

  • CONSULT: DR. BLUMENKRANTZ (see sidebar)
  • CONTACT US:  For information about - "Coming of Age the Rite Way: Youth & Community Development through Rites of Passage", Oxford University Press – (Late Fall or early Winter Publication.)
  • CONTACT US:  For information and support for using: 4th edition of The Rite Of Passage Experience© ROPE® Guide for Promoting Youth & Community Maturation & Health.
  • JOIN US: For our On Line Learning Community - Change the Story, Transform the Future, which begins September 21, 2015. For more information go to: *Changing consciousness


* Residents of Glastonbury Connecticut receive substantial discount or free enrollment in courses, consultation and support through the generous support of from the Natale and Norma Sestero Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

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Conversations – from the Latin – conversatinoem (conversation) “act of living with,” – conversari “to live with, keep company with,” literally “turn about with.”

To arrange a free 18 minute phone conversation with Dr. Blumenkrantz, e-mail us at: or call: 860-633-5349. Conversations and ongoing support can be arranged. Subsequent conversations are $50 per half hour and $100 per hour.

If you are unsure, contact us so we can decide together what might be possible through conversations on questions that matter to you. The fee is negotiable, if necessary.