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Since 1980, the organizational principles of The Center’s youth and community development through rites of passage have informed communities, schools, organizations and businesses around the world. Our nationally recognized model – the Rite of Passage Experience© - ROPE® – has engaged over 150,000 youth and their families, along with countless educators, youth workers and other citizens who care about children.

The Center is now concentrating on providing greater access to the philosophy, principles and practices of its youth and community development through rites of passage and disseminating this information to educators, youth workers, communities and families in a variety of formats.

Spread the word – by enabling us to expand this website as a repository of information, reprint professional articles, create new educational materials, and publish new books by Dr. Blumenkrantz. It will also help us reach out and develop new school, community and educational partnerships to bring this successful youth and community development model to even more teens and families.

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