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Posted on January 2, 2014 by David Blumenkrantz

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said:
"Prayer is our humble answer to the inconceivable surprise of living."

Rabbi Ms. Brous answers: “So many people walk around in life so aware of what they don't have, what they long for: the love that they haven't found yet, the absence. They're so aware of the absence. And what Heschel says to us is, 'Look at the presents, figure out what you do have. Look at the world with awe and wonder, and the amazing miracle that your skin holds the blood inside your body.' The world is as extraordinary there are so many incredible blessings around us. Our spiritual challenge is gratefulness, which makes the soul great. Find a way to be grateful for what we do have, because it's simply not fair to live in a world and only be conscious of what you do not have.” (more…)

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