Education: Our Greatest Wasted Resource© ♥ Part I

Posted on February 13, 2015 by David Blumenkrantz

By David G. Blumenkrantz, Ph.D. M.Ed.

 In the last edition of the Paradigm Shift Blog I commented that America’s rate of incarcerations is compelling evidence of the real outcome of our youth development and education programs and systems. How did America become the most incarcerating nation on earth? And, what can be done to raise children who don’t wind up incarcerated?

Part of the solution can be found in the book: Small is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered (1972) by British economist E.F. Schumacher. It is one of the seminal books on nature-centered economics that brought the virtue of appropriately size technology to a wider audience. It trumpeted that bigger was not necessarily better and our present economic model is unsustainable. (more…)

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Education: Our Greatest Wasted Resource© ♥ Part II

Posted on February 13, 2015 by David Blumenkrantz

By David G. Blumenkrantz, Ph.D. M.Ed.

We Need a Revolution in Education.
I Know a Place

Over the past forty years we have focused on building individual, group and community capacity to shift their consciousness and become initiated into new ways of being human together. We have called this process youth and community development through rites of passage. The practice uses twenty interrelated elements as design principles to help guide the emergence of community-oriented, culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate rites of passage for raising healthy children and strengthening communities. (more…)

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