Youth and Community Development through Rites of Passage

Youth & Community Development through rites of passage is the phrase we originated and use to name our orientation to rites of passage. For almost 50 years we have explored, experienced and engaged individuals and communities in rites of passage as a way to promote healthy youth development while strengthening communities. We believe that all things are related and there needs to be reciprocity between youth and community development.


Rites of Passage —A Unifying Story...

Coming of age within a community’s “Story” of rites of passage honors the central developmental task of adolescents – the search for one’s authentic spiritual self and deepening their connection with community, culture and nature. They are the public affirmation of an individual’s emerging adulthood. In reciprocity they strengthen the bonds between people in a community in ways that serve survival. Read More >>

A New Paradigm

Our Vision

We believe that rites of passage are universal and emerge in relationship to and informed by culture, context and the natural places in which people are born and/or live.


Our Community

You Are Not Alone. You Are Part of the Story. Rites of passage are a unifying story for renewing and strengthening community.


The Rite Way

All you need to know you already know, and all you need is already within your community. The RITE way connects the knowledge of the people and the community.